I have been so so slack about writing a new post.  Exciting news has not been as easy to create, although I have been making a few things in the 2020.  I have really really missed the Workshops.  Seeing old friends and new has never seemed so important and I so hope that it is possible to start workshops again this year.

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The Coronavirus is affecting everyone

felting tutorialsThese are ghastly troubling times, so the workshop schedule has been postponed until much later in the year. Everyone is monitoring events which are changing daily. Workshops are the last thing on anyone’s mind, but felting is a great way to relieve stress. So if you have the wool, a Felting needle and sponge, or simple soap and water, getting creative with wool is a wonderful way to unwind.
Keep safe. Keep well.

Felting for Beginners

Get Felting for Beginners

Starting with the Essential Needle Felting for Beginners, this workshop will set you up for all of my others.  These Hearts are examples of one of my workshops held in 2018.  I was very proud of the work, and even prouder when they returned for further felting workshops.

The Essential Needle Felting for Beginners workshops will be held monthly.

January 2019

Needle Felting for Beginners

Well … haven’t visited here for ages.  So, starting as I mean to go on, some interesting News from the land of felting, or from Silverhill which sounds like something from a fairy tale.  No Workshops this month, they start in February with 2 Essential Needle Felting Workshops and 2 Wet Felting Soap Workshops.

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Needle Felting is AMAZING

Felt Animal Cat purse
Grey cat needle felted on to wool purse

Needle felting is AMAZING.

The number of things you can create by stabbing a special felting needle into a handful of wool is unbelievable and once you get started you will never want to stop.

For a number of years now I have been teaching small groups of people this wonderful skill.  Many cannot believe how much they achieve during a half day workshop.  This makes me carry on.  As well as inspiring people, they inspire me and I love coming up with unusual things for them to needle felt.
We also wet felt small items.  Many would love to wet felt scarves, but more space and more tables are needed, which I don’t have.

If you would like to me inspired and learn how to create woolly things, please check out the Workshop pages and contact me to join  one – soon.