Get Felt

with the Sussex Felt Lady

Felting Workshops, Felt 'Objets' and commissions.

The Essential Needle Felting Workshop

My workshops start at the beginning. Which is Essential, really. I have so many lovely people come for help after not understanding some YouTube guides, or who have failed with a felting kit.
You are not alone.

And all it takes is the Essential half day workshop to set you on the right track, needle felting as you want to, making the things you want to.

I give you a bit of background which you listen to politely, usually, and then we make a red felt heart. A heart because it is a good starting size, you will learn how to shape, and it is thick enough to learn an effective needle technique without drawing blood!
In the last hour or so we start getting creative and decorate the hearts …with all sorts, beads, embroidery, little buzzy Bees, anything you want. This is fun.

So, if you feel you want to do it properly, but also have fun, be creative and eat cake, please sign up for an Essential Beginners course.

Flying Seagull

Shibori (experimental)

Seamless bag

Sleeping Fox


3D Landscape